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NYC Prosthodontists - Carlos M. Valdes, DMD &  James Doundoulakis, DMD – Midtown Manhattan Prosthodontics

Dr. Valdes spent six additional years of residency after receiving his dental degree to become a cross-trained Manhattan Prosthodontist. Patients who visit Dr. Valdes at his Midtown Manhattan office can be assured that he has extensive experience in treating simple to complex cases. Prosthodontists are often considered the “problem solvers” of restorative dentistry.

Dental patients with missing teeth caused by fracture, decay, traumatic accidents, aging or are congenitally missing can restore their smile with Dr. Valdes’s help. Common prosthodontics procedures include crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants.

Being a cross-trained Manhattan Prosthodontist / Implant Surgeon means that Dr. Valdes can BOTH restore the crown and surgically place dental implants, making him a true Midtown Manhattan implant dentist in NYC. Dr. Carlos Valdes had the unique opportunity to train under world-renowned Implant Dentist, Dr. Dennis Tarnow. Due to his extensive training and achievements, Dr. Valdes is an Associate Clinical Professor at New York University's Department of Implantology and Reconstruction where he trains oral surgeons, Periodontists and Prosthodontists.

As an accomplished Manhattan Prosthodontist, Dr. Valdes will work with you through every step of your dental treatment, from an initial consultation through follow-up care.

Our  Prosthodontist dental office is conveniently located in the Midtown Manhattan area of Midtown Manhattan within walking distance of the Empire State Building and Gramercy Park.


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