Everyone deserves a beautiful smile.  Today there is no need to settle for anything else.  Space-age technology and new computer processes can now replace missing teeth with dental implants-easily, quickly, and comfortably.  This gentler new option enables you to leave our New York office with fully functioning new teeth after only a few days!

Simple and Quick

Computer-guided implant surgeries have numerous advantages over traditional implant treatment.  Not only does it reduce the number of visits to us at Cosmetic Dental Rehab, you also spend less time here, greatly shortening your treatment time.

Best of all, the computer-guided treatment is minimally invasive, so minimal recovery period is needed after your treatment.  You can return to your active life immediately.


Computer-guided implant treatment uses the information from a CAT Scan.  This new sophisticated tool allows us to do precision planning of your treatment, so your implants are accurately and safely placed in exactly the right place.

With conventional treatment you have to wait for your implants to heal before the teeth are placed, which can take several months.  This procedure gives you your new teeth immediately.  You will be able to eat immediately or soon after the treatment.

In most cases you only need to come in once before the actual treatment.

• Examination: First, we make a model or digital image of your mouth.

• Placing the implants: At your next appointment the new implants and teeth can be placed right away.