Glamsmile “Belgian” Veneer Cosmetic Treatment, utilizing state-of-the-art CAD CAM technology


Beautiful, sparkling white teeth  . . .  is this one of your dreams? 

If so, the brand-new, fast and painless Glamsmile treatment is just the thing for you.  This unique method allows you to correct both the color as well as the position and shape of your teeth with high-quality laminates or veneers.  These veneers are manufactured completely by computer utilizing CAD CAM technology!  Thanks to this revolutionary technique pioneered in Belgium, they are attached in one application to your teeth utilizing a comfortable tray – quick and easy!!  This is the way to get the beautiful “snowy-white” smile and sparkling radiance that you deserve.

What are laminates or veneers?
Laminates, also known as veneers, are ultra-thin, custom-made coverings made from a high-quality composite material that, thanks to the revolutionary Glamsmile placement method, are attached directly to you existing teeth or crowns.

Is it safe and permanent?  

The facings are applied directly to the teeth without interfering in any way with the tooth structure. Your own teeth remain intact and unchanged, so the treatment is safe.  A beautiful smile is something you will want to cherish and keep, so the Glamsmile treatment is therefore of a permanent nature.  There are generally no contraindications to “no-preparation” veneers and your dental care remains the same as it was in the past: regular and thorough brushing will keep your teeth beautifully white and healthy.

How is the treatment done?

Two visits to the Cosmetic Dental of New York are sufficient for a new and radiant smile!!

During the first visit, a simple silicone gel impression is taken.  This only takes a few minutes.  And . . . no “cutting” or reduction of your teeth is required for most cases!  Afterwards, our office will take a number of photographs.  On the basis of this and a detailed explanation by us, the veneers will be made-to-measure by computer at the Glamsmile laboratory in Belgium.  With the utmost care striving continuously for perfection, the Glamsmile technicians make facings that are aesthetically suited to your features.  During the second visit, our office will position and cement all the veneers into your mouth in one application.  You don’t need anesthetic (needles or numbing) because the treatment is painless.

Cosmetic Dental of New York will be happy to give you a more detailed explanation and discuss the possibilities with you, please call us in NY at (212) 517-3365.



Ask to see the IN-OFFICE Cosmetic Album on GLAMSMILE !!